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Patalu Farms A 150-acre organic farm on the outskirts of Dhenkanal. Organic farming based on the Natural Farming framework is followed by us in our effort to be a part of the healthy chain healthy soil healthy crops healthy foods – healthy life. After over 10 years of following these farming practices, we have successfully been able to retail and provide organic produce locally and nationally through our own brand SWEETAL.

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In the process of organic farming, we use biodynamic techniques which minimises agricultural stress on the land. The healthy interaction of the earth and the cosmic forces keeps the plants immune to harmful diseases, which in turn contributes to a healthy life system.


The farm, located in Denkanal, which is famous for mangoes, especially produces “Amrapali” the best variety of mango. It is famed for its fruit quality, pulp colour, taste & good shelf life.


Turmeric produced on our farm stands distinguished for its flavour and colour. It is antibacterial, cosmetic and medicinal, better than other varieties.


Cashews can be consumed in several ways. It can be popped before hitting the gym or it can spruce up your salad or morning cereal.


Mustard, one of the age old spice, adds warmth to our dishes. Mustard seeds contain a higher proportion of volatile mustard oil and a strong flavour.

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